Travelling is my passion. I have spent years making exclusive trips and I have been to all the continents, discovering magical places and growing as a person in the best school: the world. In all these years I have developed a network of collaborators that I want to share with you.



Horizontal Travel Consulting was created to meet the needs of those who understand travelling as an exclusive adventure. It was created for those who reject the ‘all-inclusive holiday packages’. For those who require a tailor made program organized by professionals who know how to make dreams come true.

For those who know that any recommendation must come from someone who has visited the desired destination. And for those of us who know that the advisor’s value doesn’t necessarily come from having a luxurious office in the city center but from offering the most competitive prices.




Our mission is to organize a truly unforgettable trip.
I had a clear vision on how to accomplish that when I founded Horizontal:
You will always be in direct contact with me when organizing your trip, no intermediaries or sales people involved.
My people of trust will be in the destination, to guarantee you that, once the adventure begins, you will enjoy an exclusive experience, they will set up the logistics, take care of all details, help you with any emergency in real time and be your local contact. Adam will take care of you in Africa, Drew in Australia, Miguel in Sri Lanka, Yulissa in USA, Isabel in Mexico, Silvia in Peru, Bastiaan in Indonesia…
Many people have trusted me and want to do it again. Join this group of privileged people who have made “a trip to frame “